Local related literature for online hotel reservation system

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ch:2 Literature Review of hotel reservation system. Thesis - Chapter 1. Online Hotel Reservation System-Content(2) This field is closely related to operations research.

It is also "an explicit formal inquiry carried out to help someone, referred to as the decision maker, identify a better course of action and make a better decision /5().

REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE The System ³Hotel Selenna´ has proposed to provide a computer based reservation to the hotel. more and more company using a computer-based system than a manual procedure of reserving room on their hotel/5(1).

Braselton, Georgia ~ It's Better in Braselton. Aerie Lane opens in Braselton (Braselton) The Braselton Buy Local campaign hosted a ribbon-cutting for Aerie Lane in the new Duncan Crossing shopping center recently. Online hotel reservations systems are becoming a very popular method for booking hotel rooms.

Travelers can book rooms from home by using an online security to.

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clerks, front desk managers, sales representatives of hotel and other related works. III. LITERATURE REVIEW online hotel reservation system, "gRes" was crafted from strategic knowledge of the hotel business and a passionate. Local Related Literature For Online Hotel Reservation System.

internet technology has improved, so have online reservation lemkoboxers.com, it is possible through online, to make a reservation for a hotel anywhere in the world. Hotels can create Web site and post new content on it every day. Technology has gone a long way, improving the lives of people.

Local related literature for online hotel reservation system
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