Strategic information systems planning literature review

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Master of Science in Strategic Finance

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Literature Review

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Strategic information system

Strategic information system planning (SISP) has been an important concern for top business and information systems (IS) managers. This paper employs a systematic literature review approach for 12 top ranking IS journals in the past 10 years in order to classify them based on their focus levels, research topics, and research methods.

Strategic Information Systems Planning: An Empirical Evaluation of Its Dimensions. Firstly we investigate the practice and effectiveness of Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) as a function of strategic management in 29 large Australian organizations.

and whilst the theoretical review generally supported the literature. Building on the success of past editions, Strategic Planning for Information Systems considers both the implications of the developments in IS/IT and the most useful aspects of recent thinking and experiences concerning IS/IT strategic management.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec In this chapter all of the concepts, theories and methods that are related with the management Information system such as system, information system and MIS will be discussed.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Strategic Planning for Information Systems at Read honest and In one respect this book is a classic because it is frequently referenced in the body of literature on IS/IT management and IS/IT strategic planning.

A Practical Guide to Information Systems Strategic Planning.

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Strategic information systems planning literature review
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